These guys always deliver the goods. Each release is always worth grabbing and for a genre that is naturally rooted in the past they manage to keep things fresh and try out new ideas and twists on their sound. This time it's a down an' dirty and groovy as hell production that brings the twist, and while the geetars are as exciting as ever it those crazy voodoo beats that steal the show for me!(esp. track 5) If this disc don't make you wanna wiggle like you got a stick up ya wazoo see your doctor quick- you may well be dead! Any fan of Los Straitjackets knows they love a hot band with a great image and great gimmicks- this time you get a 3D pick your own cover (great portraits of the band) with 3D specs included! looks great, sounds even better! Some people like their fave bands to give them the same album again and again. Wise boys and girls know surprises and mixing it up are how fantastic bands stay fantastic.One of the coolest releases this year from one the finest and most rewarding acts on the planet. Splendid. Full instrumental brain candy agogo!
(tasty guest appearences from DJ and Billy from X & Jon Spencer too)! Includes 3-D Glasses!

Track Listing:

1. Squid
2. Dipinto Twist
3. Time Bomb
4. Can You Dig It?
5. San Diego Shutdown
6. Isn't Love Grand?
7. Giggle Water
8. Midnight in Salerno
9. Beach Bag
10. Jungleaya
11. Galaxy Drive
12. Tarantula
13. Dreamland